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Yroli Eye Serum

Yroli Eye Serum

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Eye Serum has a distinct slow aging effect. It both tightens, smoothes and postpones the skin's signs of aging as well as minimizes the fine wrinkles and lines that have already appeared and creates visible improvements both in the short and long term. It reduces oedemas/fluid accumulations under the eyes, evens out skin tones/reduces dark circles and provides intense moisture, care and nourishment to the fine skin around the eyes.

The active substances initiate a microstimulation, which is why a temporary slight redness may occur. The product is in the cosmeceutical category with its potent effect. Delicate and sensitive skin can therefore react due to the high amount of activity.

The serum is perfume-free, silky-light in texture and penetrates quickly.

Natural, organic and biodegradable. 99.4% natural and 87.1% organic. Is fragrance free.
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