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Yroli Face Oil

Yroli Face Oil

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The face oil is a revitalizing gift for the skin. The oil restores flexibility and has a firming effect. Gives the skin glow, elasticity and a silky smooth surface. Delays the skin's natural aging process and has an immediate smoothing effect.

The facial oil contains microalgae and oils that support the skin's molecular structure. The oil works by penetrating deep into the skin, where it adds moisture, boosts collagen activity and rebuilds the skin's elasticity.

The oil is anti-clogging (not clogging) and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil is therefore also suitable if you have impure skin, rosacea and unbalanced skin.

It has a nice texture and easily penetrates the skin. Has a wonderful scent of sandalwood, lavender and orange.

Natural, organic and easily biodegradable. 100% natural and 95.1% organic.
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